March 02, 2012

Time to race a half marathon

It's been three weeks since I used the First Half as marathon goal race pace run and felt so good after running 16K at about 4:15 per K / 6:50 per mile that I ended up with a 46-second personal record.

This weekend I have another, longer, marathon pace run so I looked for a race that would help me do it.

As it turns out, there's one nearby in Washington state. Starting at 10am, the event is held on a certified 21.1K course and costs $10. While attracting a small field, it seems, it also draws some fast runners: the course records are 68 and 82, male and female respectively.

The course profile looks reasonably flat, see map.

There won't be too much room for me to speed up at the end as I have to do 19K at marathon pace, and that is my key goal for the event. Besides, the 19K is part of a 29K run, so I'll need to either warm up with an 8K run or leave some energy for a cooldown.

In the past five days, I have run 78K and have been tired, so I am very curious to see how marathon pace will feel on these legs.

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