April 03, 2012

A unexpectedly light week of 69K

Last week had its ups and downs. It certainly the lowest volume this year after 12 very consistent weeks of preparations for the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 6.

On Monday I ran an easy 10K, but skipped the afternoon 6K.

Tuesday was the second day in 2012 I did not run.

Wednesday had a solid workout with 20K including 6 X 1K repeats on the track in between 3:44 and 3:48.

On Thursday I was floored by what I believe to have been dehydration.

On Friday I was better but not good enough to go for a run.

On Saturday I ran an easy 11K and felt much, much better after plenty of rehydration and the rest.

On Sunday, I raced the Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run half marathon in a personal best of 86:54. My warmup and cooldown were about 6K, so a total of 27K for the day.

That brought the weekly total to 69K, a little short of the 137K that was on the menu.

I am not worried by the missed sessions, though of course I would have preferred to have been able to run them. The previous 12 weeks of training have been so consistent; a second half marathon PB in less than two months shows it's paying off.

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