May 01, 2012

A marathoner's good luck charms I

Superstitious I am not. But I do like rituals and habits when it comes to running and racing.

Since my parents live in the Netherlands and cannot attend most of my races, I like to wear something that represents them. This season I have been wearing a necklace my mom made when I visited them in November last year.

Sterling silver necklace & bracelet made by Rezie
My mom took up silversmithing in 2006 at the age of 66 and has learned to create stunning pieces since then in weekly classes at her local arts and culture centre from Marjolein van Lubeck. Some designs are my mom's own, others have been inspired by pieces she has seen elsewhere.

Sterling silver bracelet, necklace & ring made by Rezie
For her 70th birthday in August 2010 I made a one-off hardover photobook with some of her jewelry, click here to see the online edition. More than 18 months have passed since then, and she is continuously honing her skills.

She also likes to make 'simple' pieces. When Tim gave me a Tiffany's catalogue to bring to the Netherlands for my mom, she instantly took to a heart-shaped pendant. She played around with a thick piece of silver wire and created the base shape.

In her next silversmithing class, she used soldering to finish it. Then she gave it to me.

It's beautiful and light, so I have been wearing it most days since. I didn't take it off for the First Half half marathon in which I improved my personal best for the 21.1K distance for the first time in four years. 

Good luck charm 1
And it was around my neck again in the Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run half marathon, where I ran my fastest half marathon yet in 86:54, just like it was in the Vancouver Sun Run 10K, good for another PB of 39:39 and my first Sub-40 10K for the first time in four years.

I am not superstitious but the necklace with my mom's beautiful pendant, representing my parents' support, is staying on for Sunday's Sub-3 attempt.

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