"In honor of those who came before us, we try to understand their plight. From my Mother is a novel following Nadia, as she faces a major marathon, looking back into her family's history and struggles to survive. She thinks of her grandmother who fled a communist revolution all those years ago, and looks to understand her, and the struggles we face through generations. From my Mother is a strong pick for world fiction collections."

Midwest Book Review

"From My Mother is a very touching story of a matriarch that deeply ingrains survival into her family. Largely a book filled with a marathoner's mindset, all of the technical and running jargon do not detract from the story of a love between granddaughter and "Oma" that spans continents, and the hardships that molded the generations into persevering, strong women. The freedom Nadia feels as she runs also parallels the freedom her grandmother struggled so hard to find. This is a novel that successfully integrates heart and sport."

Literary R&R on From my Mother

"I was quite taken back by how much this book actually moved me. It is a very touching and genuine story of love and survival from one generation to the next. I wasn't too crazy about the running aspect, but I quickly got over it, because the story-lines, (ultrarun and grandma Oma), meshed and flowed so well. I may not be a fan of running, but I felt like the two topics crossed-over and worked nicely together. The technical runner's language didn't distract from the stories of the two women, but made it stronger. Margreet Dietz is talented with words, and her experience with ultrarunning makes this a must-read for runners/athletes of all levels. It is a very motivational book, full of emotion—a marathon of words—that take the reader through the highs and lows of a family's past and present."

The Paperback Pursuer on From my Mother

"It was not difficult to get wrapped up in this story, feeling the ups and downs both in the race and in Nadia's life. It brings to mind that, as stated in the book, our feet may be busy but our minds are still free. I loved that! I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially those who are into marathons and so on."

Readers Favorite on From my Mother

"The book is a very good read—very intuitive for someone who is a veteran of ultramarathons or for those who are attempting their first century distance."

— International Association of Ultrarunners on A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km

"If you’re on the fence about running a 100km, or wondering what your motivation for ultra-running is or should be, Margreet’s book is a must-read. Rather than simply listing reasons, Margreet lays out a beautiful and compelling story on each easy-to-read page. This is a perfect addition to any ultrarunning library!"

— Endurance Planet on A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km

"While running 100 kilometres may not be on everyone’s bucket list, I would recommend this book to anyone with a passion for running longer distances and anyone interested by the prospect of trying an ultramarathon. As Dietz writes in reason #15: “Because it’ll renew your love for running.”

— IMPACT Magazine on A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km

"The author's style is breezy and accessible, what you'd expect from a veteran journalist, and running enthusiasts at all levels no doubt will find much motivation in these stories."

— Writer's Digest on Powered From Within: Stories About Running & Triathlon

"Its crossover appeal alone—existing as a book about both writing and running...—enlarges its potential audience and affords the author a chance to explore her own process, a chance I feel is pretty significant. She does a great job of it, too, at times overtly and other times almost subversively... It's material I can consult linearly or, more delightfully, in single scoops, and it fits in my pocket so I can carry it to a favourite reflection spot."

— Writer's Digest on A Work in Progress: Exercises in Writing

"I highly recommend this book for both the beginning and struggling writer, as well as any person who is exploring the idea of a radical shift in the way they are currently living their life."

— IMJ Coaching on A Work in Progress: Exercises in Writing

 A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km is on the Huge List of the Best Running Books & Movies on the Runner's World website